I salute you.

I’m a military wife. A soldiers wife to be exact.

I’ve been scared, hurt, and lonely.

I’ve felt disappointed, yet honored.

I’ve cried, laughed and prayed.

I’ve cheered and applauded.

I’ve forgiven and surrendered.

I’ve questioned, imagined and wondered. I’ve feared the worst.

I’ve been tough.

I’ve held down the fort.

I’ve asked “why?”

I’ve made many sacrifices.

I’ve learned so much.

But, who knew it would be so hard?!

I’m a military wife. A soldiers wife to be exact and I never ever expected to be one.

But, through it all, I’m still proud. This journey has made us strong enough to weather any storm.

God has truly been good to us and I’m thankful.

If you are a military spouse reading this…

I salute you!!!!

Happy (belated) Military Spouse Day!

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