A Wife’s Role in Spiritual Leadership

I wanted him to lead so bad but I wasn’t praying for his spiritual leadership.

I just talked about it. I wished. I hoped. Talked about it some more. I expressed my deep desire for him to lead us in prayer, choose bible study courses for us at church, and talk about our marital purpose. I wanted all these things to happen, but I wasn’t actively interceding on his behalf.

I had to remember that spiritual leadership isn’t often taught or demonstrated in the home, and sometimes, the concept is not introduced or fully embraced until pre-marital counseling and beyond. That’s not much time when you think about it.

As a wife, it’s important to recognize where your husband is spiritually and meet him where he is to encourage growth.

Having ongoing conversations about expectations are good, but petitioning your requests to God about this area makes all the difference. We can do the seed planting and the holy spirit will do the convicting.

When the husband is leading and covering his family, the wife’s role doesn’t change.
The wife must use her influence over the husband and the marriage dynamic overall through prayer because he will experience difficulty and attacks from the enemy.
Spiritual warfare is real!

You know where it says pray without ceasing? Well, we should take that literally and intercede on our husband’s behalf daily. Praying for them head to toe and speaking life over them. Praying that they don’t fall into temptation, that they seek God with decision making and they please Him in word, thought and deed.

But, as we were reminded this weekend, despite the unique power the wife holds, she must submit to her husband as she submits to God. The more she submits (yields) and prays, the more he builds capacity to walk in his proper position as the head. And the more he leads and embraces headship, the more the wife will yield.

We often look at spiritual leadership as the husband’s role, but wives, we have a responsibility to help our husbands fulfill and continue their role as the Head.

Written by: Marissa

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