Time is everything.

Ladies, I know you have heard the saying “timing is everything!”

Well, it still holds true in marriage. As I have matured as a wife, I have become more mindful about initiating a conversation at an ideal time. One day, Joseph gently told me that my timing can be off at times, which prompted me to make a change. He could be in the middle of watching his cowboys game or reading something on his phone, and I would pop up with a statement or question that requires him to be in a different space.  Can you relate?

At any given time, I am thinking about 50 different things – the appointment that I have next week, the story that a co-worker told me, the thing I forgot to do the day prior, my dream home, the laundry, and the list goes on…which is why I could bring up something at just about any time without a warning to my husband and can completely throw him off guard.

So I decided to take a different approach by applying these two steps:

1. Assess 

I decided to first assess his current mindset and activity. I also consider location and then decide if the question or subject is appropriate for the time (somethings can wait for dinnertime, car ride vs. bed time, etc.)

2. Ask  

If I’m uncertain about where his mind is at, out of respect and consideration, I try to ask first, “can we talk about x” before jumping right in.  If it’s not a good time, then we agree on a time to have the conversation.

I cant say I have perfected this, but it has proven to be effective.

Ladies, did you have to make this adjustment? What are you differently from before?

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