Jeremiah is another man of GOD from whom there is much to learn from. Out of these many lessons from his life, one that stands out the most to me is about fully relying on GOD to guide our steps. We typically run astray when we lean on our own understanding and strength.

Jeremiah reminds us in Jeremiah 10:23 that in order to fulfill our commissioning as husbands, fathers, leaders, professionals among many more, we have to rely and trust GOD to order our steps (“I know, O LORD, that the way of man is not in himself, that it is not in man who walks to direct his steps”). This is especially true in the world we live in, where there is temptation at every corner to distract us from our responsibilities from GOD.
I would say this is my biggest challenge, making sure in every decision I make, I pause and consult GOD.

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