4 Things to do if your Husband is not Leading

Leadership. Something wives expect and desire the husband to demonstrate in the home. In a Christian home, this expectation and thinking is rooted in Ephesians 5. It is clear as day, that this is the husband's role, but although he may be aware of this enormous responsibility, it is common … Continue reading 4 Things to do if your Husband is not Leading

Intimacy is more than sex!

Building and sustaining intimacy in marriage is extremely important to the health and success of marriage. After reading a few articles about this subject, they confirmed that husbands and wives often have different perspectives on intimacy, but can help each other in navigating this critical aspect of marriage (hence why we combined this section into one). … Continue reading Intimacy is more than sex!

Is eternity the goal for your wife?

I have read Ephesians 5:25 quite a few times. I have recited the scripture, “25Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church” and conveniently forget the remainder of the verse, “and gave himself up for her.” Did Paul really mean I must give up my life for Marissa … Continue reading Is eternity the goal for your wife?

I Need My Man!

We are definitely in the age of podcasts, brunch and the "independent woman." It's not uncommon to see t-shirts, articles or social media posts about not needing a man and how women are holding it down all by themselves. It's also not uncommon to hear damaging stereotypical statements passed down through … Continue reading I Need My Man!

4 Tips For Combining Baecation + Visiting Relatives

Written by: Marissa Msefya When you decide to plan a trip and want to combine a getaway with visiting relatives, it is important to have a itinerary. However, before you sit down to do that, a discussion about boundaries and purpose should take precedence. For us, there are usually multiple purposes when traveling to Joseph's … Continue reading 4 Tips For Combining Baecation + Visiting Relatives

Friendships + Marriage Part 1

I honestly think being young and married is one of the hardest life situations to be in. “Adulting” is hard by itself, then add marriage in the mix and you suddenly find that you are in the 5% of the population (yes, I am exaggerating here). But seriously, you are … Continue reading Friendships + Marriage Part 1