The Devil is a Tactician…Be Alert!

The devil’s temptations to us are very predictable. For example, we recount the story of Jesus in the wilderness for 40 days, fasting, no food or water (geez, not a whole lot  to wonder on what the devil will tempt Jesus with). He was starving.


In our lives, we have to evaluate the areas in which we are vulnerable. In our marriages, we have to assess the weak links, because we know that’s where the devil is to strike first. I wrote an earlier post on how the devil is a masterful and clever tactician. As a military officer, I can appreciate his patience and careful planning. The best defense against the devils attacks are a good offense.

Take an active role in your life or marriage:

What areas are you individually or as a couple struggling with? Is it finances, is it a healthy sex life, is it communication?

Then, find solutions. How will you individually and as a couple address those areas? 

Be prepared. This is what Peter is telling us in 1 Peter 5:8 – be alert (some translations will say be vigilant or watchful).

Anticipate the attack. The devil will even hit you with sound rationalization. Heck, he used scripture against Jesus!

Tactics! Be sober. Be alert.