This five week devotional highlights specific men in the bible to gain insight and perspective as it relates to godly masculinity and marriage.

We begin with Joseph, Jesus’ heavenly father.
The scripture does not tell us much about the life of Joseph and his marriage with Mary, but the few times he is referenced speak volumes to his character, righteousness and his devotion to GOD.

A few thoughts:
Joseph trusted fully in the Lord. In Matthew ch. 1 & 2, Joseph adheres to every command that GOD sets before him. Fellow husbands, is GOD our source of clarity in our decision making?

Joseph was the protector of his family. Although we are not facing the same dangers Joseph and his family faced, it is our responsibility as husbands to outfit our families with the full armor of GOD (Ephesians 6:10). The devil is constantly scheming against our marriages and our families.
– Joe